What is sexual alchemy?

Sexual alchemy is a spiritual path that utilizes sex to reach spiritual and personal realization. We teach the practical and theoretical aspects of the seven principles of sexual alchemy; these are as following:

Every man and woman is divine

Sexual alchemy is first and foremost a wisdom’s tradition that initiates the individual to the realization of that most holy mystery which is man – Homo est Deus.


Sexual energy is the life force

Sexual alchemy teaches us how to purify, increase and direct our sexual energies to get in contact with the mystery hidden at our core, and transform our being to be a vessel for that essence.  


Respect thyself!

Sexual alchemy teaches us to explore our sexuality as a lifelong quest for self-realization and pleasure.  


Be one

Sexual alchemy teaches us how to come to terms with of our true essence, and to express that core through the diversity of our lives. When we start to identify with the true self, we may manifest our divine nature through all aspects of life.


Learn when to give and to receive

Sexual alchemy teaches us how to surrender to your pleasure and desire, and how to serve the pleasure and desires of your partner.


Sex is a practice in freedom

Sexual alchemy teaches us how to deepen our experience of beauty, freedom and happiness during sex, and how we can transfer that state of mind to all aspects of life.


Transformation is both a choice and a process

Sexual alchemy teaches us how to listen to our intuition, to envision a desired future, and gradually over time make that vision reality.

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