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Intro to Tantric Alchemy FREE 15th November 19:00 / 7 PM CET

Sexual alchemy is a spiritual path that utilizes sex to reach spiritual and personal realization. Get a short online intro to some practical and theoretical aspects of sexual alchemy.

Tantra Yoga. 150 NOK. OSLO Every Wednesday 17:00 - 18.15 (Corona Lock Down until 27.12.20)

Elise teaches Tantra Yoga at Senzo Yoga studo in Hausmania, Oslo. This class is a physical and ongoing class where you will learn how to use breath exercises from Tantra into the physical asanas of yoga. Pleasure and autonomy are important keywords. The yoga class will be held in Norwegian.

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Thelemic perspective on Tantric Alchemy

In this video we give a general introduction to tantric alchemy, and explore how some alchemical symbols can be used within a thelemic context. We do also give an interpretation of the gnostic mass in the light of sexual alchemical symbolism found in Atu VI and XIV of the Thoth tarot. Our vision is to inspire people to explore their sexuality and teach how you can use your sexuality for spiritual attainment. 

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