About Elise

Elise has been a practitioner of meditation in the system of Acem for nine years, and through this daily practice she has attained a firm realization of the self. She has also practiced Hatha yoga for over ten years, and is a certified Yoga Teacher (200 RYT) by August 2019. 

Elise was initiated in the OTO in 2014, and is now acting as a priestess in the EGC. With this, she also practices tantra and tantric massage. She has a keen interest in sex on an energetic level, and has studied Sexology at the University in Agder.

Other than this, she has a Bachlor of Arts in Music and Art Photography. She currently works as an artist, writing a book about female sexuality. She views her art as a part of her spiritual practice, and vice versa. Her motto is “Seek beauty, for beauty holds eternal truth”.

About Jan-Magne

Jan-Magne has studied the Western mystery tradition and sacred sexuality since 1997. He has a holistic approach to self-development which includes the whole human being where sexuality and spiritual attainment enhance each other.

He was initiated into the OTO in 1999, and was ordained to the office of priest of the EGC in 2004.  He has been practicing as a life-coach and teacher of spirituality for the last fifteen years.

As a spiritual teacher he is pragmatic, and believes there is no one-size-fit-all-approach to spiritual growth and attainment. Each and every one of us must find our own path, but we might benefit from listening to the experiences of others.

Jan-Magne has a Master og Arts degree in philosophy, but has also studied psychology and business administration. He makes a living of project management and business development.

Customers reviews

"Elise is a marvellous teacher with an uncanny ability to embody the Divine. Her mere presence can make people feel completely safe and at ease. Through her careful and reassuring guidance, the workshop’s exercises became for me literal pathways into areas of amazingly deep and profound work. Her unique competence and background makes her style of teaching tantra especially fascinating and effective."
"Elise has an honest and inspiring way of teaching. She has great knowledge and evident experience in the art of sexual alchemy."
"Jan-Magne is an extraordinary teacher. He has the uncanny ability to see exactly what each individual needs to progress in their own development, and guide them to a genuinely deep understanding of themselves. I feel truly blessed to have had him as my mentor."
"With Jan Magnes coaching, my sacred sexuality went from being instinctive to being methodical and focused. He helped me take my sacred sexuality to a whole different level, and opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. By his guidance through exercises for the rising of the kundalini, he showed me how to turn my sexual energies into a great tool for spiritual attainment."
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