Babalon and the Beast Conjoined




In this three-day retreat you will explore the sexual mysteries of thelema as a couple. Thelema is the esoteric tradition founded by Aleister Crowley, and draws on techniques from both the Western and Eastern mystery traditions. Thelema teach a left-handed tantric path to spiritual attainment and liberation. The deification of the individual through sex is essential to our approach to thelemic sexuality.

In this course you will explore the mysteries of Babalon and the Beast, spiritual powerplay, breathing techniques, edging, energy work, the gnostic mass, star sapphire, techniques for spiritual bonding, and energized enthusiasm.

This course is for couples who want to explore sexuality within a thelemic paradigm.  Our techniques are equally powerful regardless of your sexual orientation, whether you are heterosexual or have a LBGT-identity.

This course is only open to couples as you will work intimately together for the whole weekend. After each day’s work, the participants will retire to their private chambers, and experiment with specific sexual exercises with their partner. We expect that the participants have some basic knowledge of thelema before they attend the retreat.


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