The Tantric Couple

TBA- Fall 2019



During the weekend you will explore techniques to bring together meditation, ecstatic sex and a deepened intimacy in your relationship. In this course you will learn tantric massage, breathing techniques, edging, energy work, techniques for spiritual bonding, and principles of sexual alchemy. You will explore your role as a spiritual companion to your partner. This is what the alchemists of old called the Soror mystica and Frater mysticus; and learn how the union of the Soror mystica and Frater mysticus can enable you on your path to spiritual attainment.

This retreat is for couples who want to deepen their relationship through sexual ecstasy and spiritual intimacy.  Our techniques are equally powerful regardless of your sexual orientation, whether you are heterosexual or have a LBGT-identity.

This course is only open to couples as you will work intimately together for the whole weekend. After each day’s work, the participants will retire to their private chambers, and experiment with specific sexual exercises with their partner.


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