Transformation through sexual alchemy

TBA 2020


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This three-day retreat crowns the other three retreats we offer; sums up their essence and takes your understanding of sexual alchemy two steps further. It gives you and in-depth study and practice of the advanced techniques of sexual alchemy. Over the weekend you will explore the process of the transformation of the soul by the use of sexual techniques. You will be instructed in how to utilize the alchemical imagery from the Splendor Solis and the Rosarium Philosophorum in sacred sexuality.

We combine lecturing, with alchemical meditation techniques, breathing exercises, energetic work, visualization techniques, group discussions, group rituals, and some simple yoga exercises.

This course is for those who want to pursue sex as a means to attain adepts-hood and beyond.  Our techniques are equally powerful regardless of your sexual orientation, whether you are heterosexual or have a LBGT-identity.

The course is open to singles and couples alike, but we recommend that you attend the retreat with your partner. The group exercises we do will be “clothes-on”. After each day’s work, the participants will retire to their private chambers, and experiment with specific sexual exercises, either with their partner or on their own. It is a prerequisite that you have attended one of our other retreats before you can attend Transformation through sexual alchemy.


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