sexual alchemhy

In this three day retreat you will focus on your individual sexuality from a spiritual perspective. Learn techniques of how to increase and utilize your sexual energy. Explore techniques both from the Western and Eastern esoteric traditions.

Det tantriske paret

This retreat is for couples who want to bring their spiritual work into their sex life, and learn techniques of how to be a spiritual companion to your partner. Over a weekend you will explore techniques both from the Western and Eastern mystery traditions.

babalon and the beast conjoined

At the core of the thelemic pantheon we find the scarlet woman riding upon the beast; harnessing his powers. In this three day retreat you and your partner will explore the sexual mysteries of Thelema, and how this can help you on your path to spiritual attainment.

Transformasjon gjennom tantrisk alkymi

This is an advanced retreat where you will go deep into the mysteries and practice of sexual alchemy. You will learn techniques from the Western mystery tradition for spiritual transformation, and how to attain adepthood through sex.