Introduction to Tantric Alchemy

Sexuality as a path to spiritual attainment

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Through this course you will explore your own sexual identity, and learn how to purify and unleash your sexual energies. We teach techniques both from the Western and Eastern traditions of sacred sexuality, and show how you can use your sexual powers as a means of spiritual attainment. Our approach is equally suitable regardless of your sexual orientation or if you are single, polyamorous or monogamous.  


Most of us live modern, active lives, and many find it challenging to find time for self-development. Many of the spiritual traditions are either alienating or so time consuming that its difficult to combine with a full-time job, children, hobbies and a partner. Through tantric alchemy you will learn technices that enables you to use your life and your sexuality as a practice for spiritual and personal development. The self-realization and the spiritual goes hand in hand as something you already are doing, and not something that comes as an addition to all the other stuff on your calendar. 



In the course you will learn techniques for:

• Purification of sexual energy

• Sex magic (orgasm dedication)

• Full body orgasm

• Self-love and compassion


You will learn meditations, breathing techniques and yoga poses to heighten sexual energy, as well as learn how the right approach can make sex a key to your path to self-realization in our modern lives. Sexual liberation, as well as spiritual attainment, begins with self-awareness and an acknowledgement of your desires, preferences, history and dreams. Sex is a powerful tool to explore and master yourself.

This course is open to singles and couples alike, and the exercises will be “clothes-on”. We combine lectures with meditation techniques, breathing exercises, energetic work, group discussions, and tantric yoga exercises. After each day’s work, the participants will retire to their private chambers, and experiment with specific sexual exercises, either with their partner or on their own.

General details



Place: Oslo

Food: Lunch included (let us know if you have any food restrictions)

Price:  1900 NOK pr. person

If the course is cancelled due to covid19, then you will be secured a spot on a new course on a new date. The course has a limited number of places so that we have the opportunity to follow up with each person more closely during the course.

What our costumers say

I found the workshop to be both very enjoyable and extremely useful. Everything was communicated in an unusually clear and precise manner. The exercises and techniques impressed me greatly. The techniques we were taught turned out to be highly effective. It was all very inspiring, great fun and last but not least: Illuminating. Highly recommended.


A well executed course with two skilled and experienced instructors. Beautiful balance between theory and practical instructions. They have a style of teaching that welcomes and inspires discussions and questions.


This is what you will learn:

If you want to follow the white rabbit..

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