Tantra for couples – immersion

18 – 20 November 2022


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This is an in-depth course for those who have already participated in our course «Tantra for couples». Here you will go in depth on how you can become each other’s spiritual life partners called soror mystica and frater mysticus within the alchemical tradition, and how this can give you strength for spiritual development.
Life has many phases, ups and downs, and we are each on our unique journey through life. This often creates challenges in a relationship, because our needs and process are constantly changing. By learning to become aware of the processes you and your partner are in for each of you, it becomes easier to know what you have in common and how you can support each other and enrich each other’s journey. Through the course, you will explore techniques that bring you closer together in mutual understanding, intimacy and respect as life partners.

In the course you will work with the alchemical photo series Splendor Solis and learn how this can be used as a map for your individual process, and you will learn how you can use Rosarium Philosophorum and Tarot cards as a visual tool in developing you as a couple sexually and spiritually.


In this course, you will learn techniques for

  • – Advanced techniques for yab-yum
  • – Chakra exercises for couples
  • – Deep dive into the principles of tantric alchemy for couples
  • – Advanced techniques for sexual energies

This three-day retreat crowns the other three retreats we offer; sums up their essence and takes your understanding of sexual alchemy two steps further. It gives you an in-depth study and practice of the advanced techniques of sexual alchemy. Our techniques are equally powerful regardless of your sexual orientation, whether you are heterosexual or have a LBGT-identity.


Date: 18 – 20 November 2022
Place: Oslo
Price: TBA

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